16-Channel H.264 960H DVR 120fps

501878 16-Channel H.264 960H DVR 120fps

  • * 16 CH. record and playback * HDMI supported * H.264 standard compression algorithm, low bit rate, high picture quality * Dual stream - individual network video streaming and DVR record streaming * 3G phone remote view (iPhone, iPad, Android) 2-way audio (conference) * HDD data retention days / Daylight saving time / NTP * Device ID setup for remote controller & control keyboard * Alarm trigger / relay out / motion function enabled * USB or remote firmware upgrade supported * Alarm triggering screen popup, buzzer, related record, PTZ preset, pre-alarm, e-mail * Smart channel settings: Live / playback screen digital zoom (x2), playback camera title and date / time position movable, 3 privacy masking * Recorded file lock mode * Channel sequence management of spot out setup * Operation log list / Network online users list check * Camera management of 4/9 split mode sequence Intensive security function by chosen AUTHORITY * Convenient backup by AVI file * DVR control: keypad, remote controller, mouse, control keyboard, network * Safari browser operation on MAC