Net Finder Plus

260117 Net Finder Plus

  • * All-in-one tester: Tests network and telephone cables. Includes tone generator, port finder, cable organizer, and quick test. * Tests for the following wiring faults: Opened, shorted, reversed, crossed, and split pairs. * Pin to pin indication (net cable). * Tests for wiring faults of short and open (telephone cable) * Verification of shield/ground integrity * Multi-Split pair faults detection at 3M (9.8 Ft) to 150M (490 Ft) cable length * Cable organizer: 8 numbered remote IDs for organizing 8 cable locations. * Port finder: Locates the Switch/hub for the corresponding port. * Quick test: Memorizes a cables pin out and tests for mass cables. * Remote unit enables one person to test installed cables * Easy to read alphanumeric LED faults display