3U V-Rack

103692 3U V-Rack

  • Introducing the V Rack - another revolutionary new product for IT managers who need to be more productive with their space. The Kendall Howard V-Rack allows users to vertically or horizontally mount servers or other rack-mountable devices regardless of depth. Designed to mount on a wall or under a desk the Kendall Howard V-Rack provides users more versatility on where they can place their products. Users needing to use slide rails can easily do so by using two Kendall Howard V-Racks and effectively create a 4 point mounting solution. Available in 2U, 3U and 4U sizes Features * Universal Mounting Holes (uses cage nuts) * 19 inches W and 3.5 inches , 5.25 inches , and 7.00 inches deep * 9 mounting holes * Supports 200 pounds * Made of 14 gauge steel * Mounting hardware not included